P.I.N.D. – Ordering Information



Each of the six systems consists of a controller, shaker, sensor, STU subsystem, software, monitor scope, cables, consumables, and documentation.


  • Our basic 4511A system, capacity up to 150 grams, has the normal shaker and a sensor with a mounting area of 22mm (0.875in.). It can always be upgraded with a monitor, larger shaker, sensor, or advanced software.
  • The Model 4511L comes complete with the heavy duty shaker, a 50mm (2 in.) sensor , advanced software, and various options including the shaker shipping case and flex protector.
  • Our largest Model, the 4511M has the heavy duty shaker and advanced software but sports a multiple crystal 100mm (4in.) mounting surface for the largest hybrids.
  • The relay test specification given in MIL_STD 39016D requires a wider shock pulse than the requirements of MIL STD 883 or 750. Our -R series systems meet this requirement with a wide pulse width shaker and software.
  • Finally, the 4511M6 is the largest system with a 150mm (6in.) sensor with five crystals for testing the largest parts to the MIL STD.



controller, shaker, sensor, STU subsystem,

Options include Calibration kits, Shaker Dust Seals, and Sensor flex protectors. All of the system performance is controlled in software so we can tailor a system to your exact specifications including custom shock and vibration features in your system. We manufacture our own shakers and sensors so we can customize them to your requirement.



To insure that your PIND system is always performing at its peak, SPECTRAL DYNAMICS, INC. has developed a comprehensive maintenance program including complete system diagnostics, repairs, and exchanges.

ALL with the accuracy provided by complete calibration and certification traceable to National Standards. Military standards require that each system – including sensors, amplifiers, thresholds and display monitors be calibrated annually.

However, to minimize costs over the long haul, SD recommends that you start your calibration interval at six months and then extend it to one year after you have sufficient confidence that operational procedures are correct.

After each calibration, we issue a 30-day warranty-or extended warranty if you prefer. And we offer priority two-day service or even same day when your PIND system is something that you cannot do without.



SPECTRAL DYNAMICS, INC. also provides a complete training program for users at all levels of experience. Our comprehensive two-day training seminars explain the intricacies of system operations, testing methods, particle behavior, calibration procedures, failure analysis, repair and maintenance procedures, and the latest military specifications.

These seminars consisting of lectures by experts and hands-on laboratory sessions are conducted in California. Or if you prefer, we will provide an on-site training program at your location tailored-made according to the specialized needs of your company.

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4511A 4511L 4511M 4511M6 4511L-R 4511M-R
4511-1000068 Microprocessor based Control Unit Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
W080-0330 Control Unit Power cable Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
W080-0210 Controller to Shaker Cable Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
W080-0610 Controller to Oscilloscope Cable Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
E0902160A Monitor Oscilloscope Option Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


4501-M120 Normal PIND Shaker, Case optional Yes No No No No No
4501-M230 Heavy Duty PIND Shaker w.Case No Yes Yes Yes No No
4501-M230R Wide Pulse Width PIND Shaker No No No No Yes Yes

Sensors and Cables

100-S140C/A 22mm Impact Sensor/Accelerometer Yes No No No No No
100-S140C/AL 50mm Impact Sensor/Accelerometer No Yes No No Yes No
100-4S155C4 100mmFourSensor/Accelerometer No No Yes No No Yes
100-5S155C6 150mmFiverSensor/Accelerometer No No No Yes No No
4501-500065-A External STU Pulser Box Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
100-S140BM STU Sensor Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
110-SCM4-W STU Sensor Cable Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
110-SCM4-Y Impact Sensor Cable Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
110-SCM4-B Accelerometer Cable Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Software and Consumables

4501-DOT1 22mm Acoustical Tape Circle Yes No Yes Yes No Yes
4501-DOT2 50mm Acoustical Tape Circle No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
CH02-ACWS Acoustic Couplant Standard Option Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
CH04-ACLPD Acoustic Couplant Heavy Duty Option Option Option Option Option Option
4501-820259 PIND Software Yes No No No No No
4501-820261 PIND Software No Yes Yes Yes No No
4501-820255 PIND Software No No No No Yes Yes
LT-4511 PIND System manual Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes